What I teach

I teach knit and crochet, mainly to beginners but also to people interested in oversized knitting techniques. Check out my classes + events page to find out when I'm teaching next. You can also see a gallery of photos from some of my classes. 

  • Knit a rope basket

    Beginning knitting class where students learn a basic garter stitch using soft cotton rope and giant knitting needles, then assemble their knit piece into a 9x9-inch storage basket.
  • Hand crocheted blanket

    Students learn how to make giant crochet stitches using their fingers rather than a crochet hook. The final product is a small lap blanket or baby blanket, made with a jumbo-sized yarn.
  • Knit your first scarf

    People often learn to knit by starting a scarf they never finish. This intro to knitting class features a scarf knit with giant yarn and huge needles - much quicker and easier to finish!
  • Giant knit blanket

    This is an overview of how to make giant blankets using wool roving (wool fiber before it's spun into yarn). Students learn a "table knitting" technique that doesn't use knitting needles, plus tips and tricks for working with this giant yarn.
  • Knit pouf cushion

    Using wool roving and a circular knitting needle, learn to knit in the round and make a cover for a cute, cozy pillow. You will also learn to make a bag to hold stuffing, stuff and finish the pouf.
  • Knit your first hat

    Learn to knit in the round using super chunky yarn and a circular knitting needle. Then decrease stitches to shape the crown and finish the hat.