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  • The perfect fall scarf

    October's in-between-y weather calls for a scarf that's cozy but not so stifling that you have to take it off the minute you get indoors. This lacy lightweight scarf can be made with just about any yarn you like (and it's a great way to use up your stash), but I used super soft organic merino wool.

    Here's the pattern:

    Lightweight lace scarf

    1 skein Sublime organic merino wool DK
    Size J/10 crochet hook
    Tapestry needle

    Chain 20. Single crochet into the 8th chain from the hook. Chain 5. Skip 3 stitches and single crochet into the 4th stitch over. Repeat ch 5 and SC into 4th stitch until you reach the end. Chain 5, turn.

    Row 2: SC into the middle of the loop you just made. Chain 5 and SC into the next loop. Repeat until the end of the row, ch 5 and turn. Repeat the pattern across every row until piece measures 60 inches. Weave in ends.

    I've made this scarf with a lot of different yarns. I really liked the softness and extra bulk of Lion Brand's organic cotton yarn, which is discontinued now, but there are a lot of similar cotton yarns out there.  

    This pattern is really adaptable to whatever yarn you want to use and whatever length and width you want the scarf to be.

    It's been really fun seeing all the different versions on Ravelry. You gotta love a pattern that works up this quickly and easily!

  • Crochet color block blanket

    I had a bunch of leftover yarn from a secret project, so I got to thinking it would make an adorable blanket with blocks of bright colors.

    The final version was just about big enough to cover my 4'x6' rug.

    Since I was using my leftovers, but also had to buy some new yarn, my blanket isn't exactly perfect. But I'm pretty sure, putting this into a pattern, that you can make it with two skeins each of these:

    Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe (55 percent bamboo, 45 percent wool) – Periwinkle (A), Geranium (B), Snapdragon (C), Mermaid (D), Twilight (E), Lipstick (F), Beach Glass (G), Mercury (H)
    *I'm sorry to say that this yarn has been discontinued, but you can use the pattern to create a stripe sequence with any worsted weight yarn that comes in 8 colors. 

    You need a J/10 size crochet hook.

    Ch 152. DC across for a total of 150 stitches. (Here's a refresher on double crochet.)

    The stripe sequence:

    8 rows A
    4 rows B
    2 rows C
    7 rows D
    4 rows E
    2 rows F
    7 rows G
    3 rows H
    5 rows C
    4 rows B
    5 rows F
    Repeat once.

    (In between I added 8 rows E plus 4 rows H, but that is optional).

    I love the colors and the soft, fuzzy texture of this yarn. It's just a happy blanket.