• A few changes

    If you have found this blog, I'm impressed! I'm sorry to have neglected it so much over the past year, but I just didn't have time to maintain it anymore. As you can see, I have consolidated my knitting business (formerly Mary Marie Knits) with my pattern shop (Cara Corey Designs) and my blog, so that you can find all of it in one place. When I went to the Craftcation business and makers conference last year, I got some good feedback about how all of my business names were confusing, so I thought I would do my best to simplify. And it feels a lot better to have done it. 

    The downside to consolidation is that I lost a lot of my categorization of blog posts, so I now have a lot of broken links to deal with. And I need to reorganize my recipes because that was one feature I really liked! But in general all of the posts are still here and you can subscribe with my link to get new posts. 

    Last year was a really hard year to do anything new. Having a 4 and 1-year-old took all the energy I had. But I am really excited to get back to making more knit items and patterns. And I am most excited to put more effort into teaching classes, which has been good for business and good for my soul. My knit rope basket and crochet blanket classes have been doing really well, and I have more ideas for classes to expand on those skills. I'm always open to more ideas for classes. In fact, most of my classes came from student requests. 

    So here's to more making in 2018. P.S. I'm also excited to share that my rope basket class is available as a kit!